Our Country (The Pilbara)

Pilbara is the country where we the Indjibarndi people live and share many of our cultural stories and history that have been passed onto us by our ancestors, of how they used to walk through the flat country, we call the Tablelands, visiting family members at nearby stations.
Our country has so much to offer. Bush foods and medicine as well as animals such as kangaroo, emu, goanna and turkey. When the rains come, our rivers are full and we all love to go out and spend the day fishing. We are also close to the ocean, so we often go fishing there as well. During the holidays, many of our families go bush to enjoy what the country offers. The beauty of our country, we see through our eyes. Wildflowers blooming, as nature takes it course. Our country is still full of riches, it always gives me joy to be part of it. We are connected to our land. It is part of who we are.

Type: Stretched
Size: 910mm × 605mm
SKU: YBA019_2023
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