Blue Gum Tree (Ganyji)

Bush gum tree (Ganyji). The blue gum tree gets its name because of its bluish leaves. In Yindjibarndi language it is called Ganyji, in English Kanji bush (Acacia Pyrifolia). This painting depicts elements of the bush - its blue leaves and yellow flowers against the red and green of the earth. When the rain comes, or when there has been a heavy dew, the blue gum tree just shimmers in the light. In September, when we are looking for gum from the blue gum tree, we walk through the spinifex country. We pick the gum when it is crystal coloured, and we eat it or put it into hot water and leave it out in the sun to make it like a toffee. We call it sugar lolly.

Type: Stretched
Size: 725mm × 455mm
SKU: YBA004_2023
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