My Country Fortescue (in the dream time)

Before the world was soft. Many of our tribe, the Yindjibarnding people, came from the top end, which is called the Tableland country. Our forefathers walked along the land from place to place, meeting families and relatives. They would camp along the rivers and hunt for food in some parts of the tableland. Where there was no water to be seen, our forefathers were clever. They know where to find water by digging up a soad (wurrama). Food was plentiful in the country. They would hunt kangaroo, emu and goanna and find berries, and they also caught fish by using a plant week to make the fish drunk, then they would gather spinifex to catch the fish, like a net. My country has lots of beautiful memories of freedom for me and of the way our ancestors walked and where the tribal law came from. At the top of the Fortescue River (Yandiyarra) my country has a lot to offer in bush medicine and food.

Type: Stretched
Size: 1010mm × 580mm
SKU: YBA036_2023
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