Mrs Read

Mrs Read was a Yindjibarndi Elder and Cultural Custodian and community worker who began painting in 2017. She believed her Ngurra (country) and Culture were essential to Yindjibarndi wellbeing and she spent many years fiercely protecting and defending it. She was a vital part of Juluwarlu through her contribution to the organisation as a cultural elder and as an artist.

This is a quote of Mrs Read talking about her creative practice in 2022 “When I paint, I think of my Ngurra (Yindjibarndi Country) and how it is so deep in me. Everything that is important comes from the Ngurra Nyujunggamu – the Creation Times that we call the time when the world was soft. There are so many spiritual connections between all living things and the world of Yindjibarndi people. This is what I put in my paintings.”

Mrs Read is remembered and celebrated for her passionate paintings – vibrant, bright, joyful – a wonderful celebration of Ngurra.

Artist's Artwork

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