Alice Guinness

Alice Guiness is a Yindjibarndi woman who was born at Goodabinyia. Alice has been painting for many years at art centres across Roebourne. The majority of Alice's work focuses on two stories, the Burndud/Bundut Circle and the Bajilia (caperbush).

The Burndud/Bundut circle, an important site and story on Yindjibarndi Ngurra and in Yindjibarndi culture. The Burndut was the first law made by the Marrga (creation spirits) who made our language, culture and law back in Ngurra Nyujunggamu (when the world was soft). Alice paints the Burndud repetitively, using a range of striking bold colours, this symbol and her paintings have become iconic across the Pilbara.

Alice also paints The Bajila (caper bush) which is a native Australian plant and can be found in the Pilbara. It is known as a good source of bush tucker, bush medicine and food source for emus. Every bajila pianting has its own life, each holds Alice's deep attachment to her ngurra and the plants that give her joy. She describes the process of eating the fruits with her cousin Banyji Pansy, saying that "when you eat the fruit, you suck the flesh and the seeds are rolled around in your mouth and then spat out. Where the seeds fall new plants grow"

Artist's Artwork

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