Courtney McKay

Courtney is a Yindjibarndi and Kurruma woman living in Roebourne, WA. She started painting in year nine with paint and water colour, and never got to keep her paintings as they always got sold straight away!

She started painting with Juluwarlu Art Group around the age of 19 participating in workshops such as the Water Corp Animation Project where she contributed a painting about Barrimirndi creating the Fortescue River during Ngurra Nujugamu (when the world was soft).

"I've done a Yarranga Marni Board, my artwork was about the Birrimindi creating the Fortescue River, the theme for the Yarranga Marni Boards was when the world was soft (Ngurra Nujugamu). My artwork got picked to go into the Western Australian Gallery in Perth"

Courtney likes painting because it allows her to learn about culture from her Elders as she paints. She also likes to weave thinks like baskets and earrings, she is also currently a Team Leader at Juluwarlu's Ganalili Centre in Roebourne.

Artist's Artwork

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