Christine Lockyer

My name is Christine Isobel Lockyer also known as Annabelle Lockyer. I was born in Roebourne at the Old Thomas Lee’s store. I have three children. My grandfather Sydney Lockyer was a Kuruma Tribal Leader and my Dad Cider Gilbey was a Yindjibarndi man. I had spent my younger years living with my grandparents out on Kuruma Country as my grandfather worked for the government as a dogger which trapped dingos. It as also my grandfathers way of still being connected to his Kuruma Country and it had also given me knowledge of the country. I have been all over Kuruma Country, shown and told many things about my country lore and culture, for they are always watching us. To always know who you belong too. My paintings are stories of what I remember I have done, seen and was taught by my grandparents and Dad growing in up and how I remember them.

Artist's Artwork

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